House of PLLA Serum

House of PLLA Serum

HOP+ House of PLLA Serum

HOP+ is an upgraded version of what’s formerly known as Sculplla H2!HOP+ is specially designed for the US with a higher percentage of active ingredients and that’s why it says “results-driven” under the logo, yet with the most clean ingredients!

We promise to you that we will always stand by our products with its best quality of ingredients and to remain as the highest quality professional products you can find in the cosmeceutical market!

Usage Instructions of HOP+ House of PLLA Serum:

Use Topically in your daily skin care regimen.
(You may use this daily before Caviplla Serum to maximize the result of PLLA and 4GF)

1 vial is for one full MTS/Nano treatment or TMP Treatment


If you are using it daily topically, 1 vial is good for 5 applications!
(1cc each application)

You may use this before applying caviplla and it actually will help with the oxygenating process and will not interfere(Same PLLA/Same Technology)

Storage: The ingredients will be active more than 3 years at room temperature unopened. 7 days, if refrigerated, after opening.

Active Ingredients:

PLLA  – The first ingredient making this line so spectacular is the fact it contains the highest grade of poly-l-lactic acid (PLLA) on the market.
BC-Caffeicoid 1
Amino Energy Cell
Glycine Soja Phytoplacenta Extract

House of PLLA Serum


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