P-Complex Beta Booster

Works on Langerhans cells in the skin to help or modulate immune activities resulting in a synergistic effect on variable human cell longevity and cell division determined by individual genetics or “blue print”.

Size: 1 oz



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Trauma inflicted on human skin exposes it to free radicals that attack langerhans cells. This “attack” activates masses of micro-organic cells that surround and destroy these foreign invaders. BETA BOOSTER slows this cell metabolism of normal aging while stimulating langerhans cells to work at their peak capacity. These anti-inflammatory extracts chiefly consist of protein-carbohydrate complexes and yeast cell walls obtained from barley corn. While these anti-bodies destroy FREE RADICALS, BETA BOOSTER regulates oil production aiding in the healing of active and cystic acne.

For best results use with the products recommended below