Sculplla Hydrotox

GlowMax Daily Skin Renewal System

+ SP1-NPToc

+ 99.9% Pure Gold

+ Patented Theramogen ATC



How to Use the “GlowMax Skin Renewal System”
After cleansing pat dry, glide the textured side of the “GlowMax PHA/AHA Exfoliating & Firming Pads” on the face and neck. Flip pad over to use soft side. Repeat if necessary. Then apply the Caviplla Multi-Serum(oxygenating serum) Apply the “GlowMax Gold Ampoule” then follow with your regular skin care products. Do not rinse. Use daily in the morning and night to maximize the results.

How to open the GlowMax Gold Ampoule?
1.Remove the metal cap from the container then insert the syringe applicator into the rubber cap of the container in a steady pressing motion.
2.Tilt the container and take an appropriate amount of the product with the syringe applicator.
3.Insert the syringe applicator to keep the ampoule closed.


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